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Using Our Forex Signals

Learn how our customers are using our Forex signals

Our Forex Signals service fits all kind of Forex traders - starting from novice Forex traders, through average Forex traders, to professional Forex traders, Forex money managers and Forex hedge fund managers who trade the Forex market for living and for their customers.

Of course, any of the Forex traders mentioned above may use our Forex signals in a different way. Since we've launched our Forex signals service to the public at the beginning of 2011, we've collected a lot of customer feedbacks regarding the way they are using our service. From these feedbacks we've noticed that we can divide our customers to five main categories:

Mandatory signals execution: some Forex traders are following our Forex signals AS IS, trading all of them, or at least most of them.

Discretionary signals execution: some Forex traders are waiting a few minutes after receiving a Forex signal and then they decide whether to open a position or skip it.

Market anticipation: some Forex traders follow our Forex signals to determine the provider's market anticipation. If for example the provider keeps on opening positions in favor of the USD, these traders conclude that the provider believes in strong USD and therefore they feel comfortable to open trades that reflect the strengthening of the USD.

Self-trading corroboration: some Forex traders are using our Forex signals as an online advice from some of the most professional Forex market participants and get corroboration for their own trading.

Position opening: some Forex traders are using our Forex signals just to open trades, but they manage those trades by themselves.

Position closing: On the other hand, some Forex traders are using our Forex signals to close their own opened trades.

The Forex traders in all of the above mentioned categories have one thing in common: almost all of the Forex traders who use our Forex signals and gave us feedback, improved their results dramatically and are making profits on a regular basis through the use of our service.

This fits our company's vision to gather the best Forex signal providers in the market and to be able to provide accurate Forex signals from as many different winning strategies as possible, so every Forex trader can pick the most appropriate Forex signals suiting his trading style and risk management.

It’s very important to read our signal providers’ strategies descriptions in the performance page and to use proper money management in order to avoid unnecessary risks and to achieve maximum profits from our Forex signals.

We are of course familiar with the fact that not all of the Forex traders sit all day in front of their computer and trade, some of them do it only after getting back from work, some trade to get extra income and some trade only a few hours a day. If you fall into this definition, our Forex signals service is the best solution for you as it is for all kinds of Forex traders. If you got the signals in delay, check what has happened since the Forex signal has been sent; if the provider’s position is in negative territory and you decide to trade the signal at that point, your profit may be higher than the provider’s, because your entry point is positioned at a better price. Even if the provider has finally closed the trade with loss, your loss will certainly be lower.

Almost 99% of the Forex traders are losing their money, the rest are talented Forex providers and Forex traders that use accurate Forex signals to help them with their trading. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive Forex signals from the best Forex providers available in the market!

Please check our updated performance page where you can find a detailed history of all our Forex signals providers' performance.