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Why Us

Why use our service and not other signal services?

Our signal providers trade live accounts with their own money, therefore they are more obligated for best performance and low risk trading.

Only profitable accounts are shown in our website. The moment the signal provider's account goes under its initial balance, we don't offer his signals until he becomes profitable again.

We depress any kind of martingale money management methods as we measure the provider's performance by net pips change and not by profit or percentage. Actually we do not consider trades' lot size in the performance at all.

You don't have to be confused with hundreds of signal providers: We make it easier for you due to our tough preliminary conditions which guarantee better results.

Our service does not respect mediocrity - we aim for the best!

Simple as that! You don't have to open a new trading account. Use your existing one. The way of using the signals is totally in your hands.

Similar services available in the market offer the service "for free" but force you to open an account with the brokers they introduce, which usually makes it necessary for you to pay 1-2 pips commission per 1 lot traded, in addition to the normal spread you could get from those brokers.

We are not acting as an introducing broker and we are totally independent from any Forex broker, hence joining our service will leave the spreads in your account intact. Spread expansion could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month (depending on your trading account volume.)

In our service you pay only $59.99 per month, and you can stay with your original broker, and his original competitive spreads.

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