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SFP Installation Guide

Please read the installation guide for Signal Factory's Provider application for MetaTrader 4

The following guide is for installing, uninstalling and using Signal Factory's SFP EA which will send all the trading signals from your account to Signal Factory's signals server. If you are interested in displaying historical results in your account report in Signal Factory's website, please contact us before starting the installation.


For the installation you will need the following:

1. Your username (email address) and password to Signal factory's website.

2. Your Signal Factory account unique ID which you get after creating a new provider account.

3. The installation package called "SFP for MT4 x.x build xxxx Setup.exe". The version number will be different in each software release.

4. A MetaTrader 4 installed on your computer for every account you would like to connect to Signal Factory's servers. Each copy should be pre-setup for one of your live accounts.

The installation application is actually a simple self-extractor application. It will not affect or make any changes to your computer's registry, will not be shown in your "add/remove programs" panel, or in your OS start menu and will not create any shortcuts or desktop icons. You may install it on any MetaTrader 4 copy you have on your computer.

Please close the MetaTrader 4 instance you are about to use before starting the installation process.


1. To start the installation, double click on the installation file. A welcome screen will show up. Press the "Next" button to move to the next step.

2. Read and accept the license terms and then press the "Next" button. If you do not agree to the terms please press "Cancel" to cancel your installation.

3. Choose your MetaTrader 4 installation folder. For example, if you installed your MetaTrader 4 copy in c:\program files\ MetaTrader 4\ choose this folder by pressing the "Browse" button and picking it up from your computer's folders list. Press the "Install" button when you are done.

4. If the installation was successful, you will have a confirmation screen. Press finish to finish the installation.

Installing the SFP EA

1. Launch MetaTrader 4 copy where SFP was installed.

2. Open any chart for any symbol.

3. Make sure the "Navigator" window is visible. If not, press Ctrl + N to show it on screen.

4. In the "Common" tab, scroll to the "Expert Advisors" list item and open it by pressing the "+" sign next to it.

5. Double click the "SF.Signal.Provider" EA that was added to the list during the installation.

6. In the "Properties" window, click on the "Common" tab, check the "Allow DLL imports" checkbox and uncheck the "Confirm DLL function calls" checkbox.

7. Click on the "Inputs" tab and fill your Signal Factory account unique ID in the "ID" text box, your Signal Factory login (email address) in the "Login" text box and your Signal Factory password in the "Password" text box. If you want to deliver from your trading account only trades with a specific magic number, just fill the specific number in the "Magic.Number" text box, and only trades with this specific number will be delivered to our servers. Leaving the blank default value will deliver all the trades in your account to our servers, no matter what magic number they have. Press the "OK" button to close the dialog window and accept your changes.

8. The name of the EA appears as face icon at the top right corner of your MetaTrader 4 chart. Please note: the face icon may be smiling or not, depending on the "Allow live trading" option of the EA, but since SFP EA is not trading in your account, it actually doesn't matter if the face icon is smiling or not.

9. Now the EA will try to connect to Signal Factory servers. If it's the first time you are trying to connect to Signal factory servers, a windows firewall message will appear. Notice that this message may look different on different operating systems or when other than the windows standard firewall software is being used on your PC. Press the "Unblock" button to allow communication between your MetaTrader 4 and Signal Factory servers.

10. If you have successfully connected to our servers you should see the "SFP connected to server" message right below the EA name at the top right corner of your MetaTrader 4 chart.

11. If your authentication to our server has failed, an alert message will popup, and you should see the "SFP disconnected from server" message right below the smiling face at the top right corner of your MetaTrader 4 chart.

12. Now you can continue with your trading. Your performance will be displayed in our signal provider list page after your first trade and will be displayed as long as your P/L pips are positive.


Notice: the uninstall process effects only the specific MetaTrader 4 instance on which it was installed. If you've installed SFP on a few MetaTrader 4 copies, you will have to repeat this process for every instance separately.

1. Please close the instance of MetaTrader 4 you are about to uninstall SFP from before starting the uninstall process.

2. Locate the file named "uninstall SFP for MT4.exe". It should be available in the folder where SFP was installed.

3. Double click it to start the uninstall process.

4. Confirm the uninstall process by pressing the "Yes" button.

5. Press the "OK" button to finish the uninstall process.

If you have any further questions please contact us or visit our FAQ page.

Good luck!